The 8 Best Gas Hedge Trimmers In 2023 Reviewed

We know that keeping your lawn and garden trimmed and looking nice is no easy task, and when it comes time to take care of your lawn, you need the best tools for the job. Thankfully, there are hedge trimmers available to make your lawn care work much easier.

They’re not the most exciting tool in your shed, but they definitely get the job done. The best hedge trimmers can make quick work of trimming hedges, bushes, and other landscaping features. And if you’re looking to buy a new hedge trimmer, you’ll want one that’s both powerful and easy to use.

That’s why in this blog post we will be reviewing the 8 best gas hedge trimmers for 2023. We will be discussing the pros and cons of each model so that you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

Whether you’re a professional gardener or just someone who likes to keep your hedges neatly trimmed, we know you’ll find the perfect hedge trimmer here. So which gas hedge trimmers are best equipped to take care of your lawn and hedges? Keep reading to find out!

What is a Hedge Trimmer?

A Hedge Trimmer, which is also sometimes known as a Shrub or Bush Trimmer, is a piece of garden equipment that may be used to trim, prune, shape, or cut hedges, bushes, and shrubs.

A hedge is a line of closely planted shrubs that appear to be one plant, and may be treated as such. They frequently act as a barrier or border between two fields or backyards, and they may also be seen along roads or cropland.

Types of Hedge Trimmers

There are a number of different hedge trimmers on the market, each with its own set of features. Some are manually powered and others are run by a gas-powered or electric motor.

Manual Hedge Trimmers

Manual hedge trimmers were the first kind of hedge clippers to be invented, and they are very simple gardening tools. A manual hedge trimmer, or hedge shears, has two blades attached to the end of two long handles, similar to a huge pair of scissors, and can be used by hand without requiring any other energy for operation.

Tractor-Mounted Hedge Trimmers

There are such tools as tractor-mounted, or tractor-driven, hedge trimmers, although they are for specialized uses and so aren’t used often by regular homeowners. They usually feature a movable arm or hydraulic boom with a large trimmer attached at the other end, and they essentially function the same as powered hedge trimmers.

Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

Corded Hedge Trimmers are one type of electric hedge trimmers, with the other being cordless models. As the name implies, the motor and blades of a corded electric hedge trimmer are powered by electricity that comes from a wall outlet.

Corded hedge trimmers are generally less powerful and big than their gas counterparts. They’re also mostly used for compact to medium-sized gardens since they can’t be taken any further than the length of their power cable allows. Using an extension cord is possible, but a large garden or field with rows of hedges may still be out of reach.

See our other post if you would like to purchase a corded electric hedge trimmer.

Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmers

Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmers are those that run on battery power. These trimmers are not bounded by the length of a cord, although they are by the runtime of their battery. They are also more cumbersome and heavy than corded hedge trimmers, so they might be tiresome to lug around a large backyard and garden as well.

Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers

The third kind of motorized hedge trimmer, and the one we’ll be focusing on with this post, is the gas powered hedge trimmer. They function in the same way as electric shavers, with oscillating blades connected to a motor that powers the blades as they move backward and forward.

Gasoline-powered trimmers are the most powerful kind of trimmer, but the tradeoff is that they can be heavier and more difficult to start. There’s also no need to worry about the battery or charging when using a gas hedge trimmer, and there are no wires involved. However, they are also noisier when in use, and polluting to the environment.

How To Sharpen Hedge Trimmer Blades

The blades of your trimmer become blunt with time and use, but you don’t have to replace your electric hedge trimmer or have the blades sharpened by a professional. They can be sharpened by you at home, if you know how.

To begin, turn off or unplug your hedge trimmer. Then, remove the blades from the trimmer and tighten them securely in a vice grip. Slide a metal filer down the length of each blade.

To create a clean edge, start at the inner or lower area of the blade component and file towards the tip. Sharpen it several times, on a 35 or 40-degree angle. However, the flat edge on the other side of the blades should not be filed.

Before you reassemble the blades onto the trimmer, oil them with a few drops of linseed oil on both sides to prevent them from oxidizing.

A Buyer’s Guide For Hedge Trimmers

In this buyer’s guide, we’ve compiled a list of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a gasoline-powered hedge trimmer. Some of them might be more essential to you than others, so be sure to go through these thoroughly so you get the best lawn and garden equipment for your needs.

Blade Length

The blade length is a good indicator of how much trimming can be done over a specific amount of time. Larger blades are preferable for lengthy operations such as lawn mowing or bush and hedge trimming. Gas hedge trimmers usually have blades between 18 and 24 inches in length.

However, if you just need to prune a couple of bushes, a small blade may be preferable. Short blades are not only advantageous for keeping you safe, but they’re also simple to control and maneuver.

Engine Speed and Power

The engine speed of a gas trimmer is measured in cubic centimeters of air and fuel displaced by the engine, which is referred to as displacement. The larger the number of CCs, the more powerful the trimmer’s engine is.

Gasoline-powered trimmers range in size from 21 to 25 cubic centimeters. Engines with a higher CC count can trim larger branches, cut through vegetation more quickly, and power longer blades.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity of your gas hedge trimmer is what determines how long you can operate it for at one time. This is important when you have large areas of your yard to maintain, and refueling always slows down your work.

The average tank capacity of a gas-powered trimmer is around 13 ounces, which translates to approximately 1 hour of run time. Keep in mind that bigger gasoline engines use more gas than smaller ones.

Cutting Capabilities

A rotary handle with a flexible pivoting end is perfect for individuals who make frequent switches between vertical vs. horizontal cuts.

A versatile handle is necessary if you need to cut both vertical and horizontal edges. Although it may appear simple to change between the two, it takes more dexterity and strength than you might believe, so if you have to do it often, a switchable handle and grip will come in handy.

Safety Features

It is critical to be careful when using your hedge trimmer. Make sure the gas hedge trimmer you choose to buy has a guard plate to protect you from debris striking your face.

Some trimmers come with other security measures, such as a locking mechanism that engages when the tool isn’t in use, or a hold button that’s used to avoid injuries if the user loses their grip or footing.

Blade Type

There are two main types of blades; there are single-sided blades as well as dual-sided blades.

If you think you might have trouble controlling a trimmer, consider purchasing one with a single-sided blade. Single-sided blades are easier to handle and maneuver, but they perform less effectively than double-sided blades in terms of cutting.

Dual-action blades require a little more effort to manage, but they cut far better and more efficiently, and they also vibrate considerably less.

Teeth Size and Spacing

The longer the blade teeth are and the wider the spacing is between them, the deeper you can cut into a hedge, and it also means you can cut through branches and hedges up to 1/4 inch thicker than comparable models with narrower teeth.

Trimmer Weight

A lighter hedge trimmer is a lot easier to use than a heavier one. Anyone who suffers from back pain, or is not fit enough, might need a smaller model. Trimming may get tiring after a while, so look for one that you can use safely for an entire day’s worth of labor.

Gas hedge trimmers are often the heaviest kind as well, so you might be better served buying a corded model or even manual clippers. Additionally, when you know you will need to use a trimmer for an extended length of time, you should choose one with a contoured or cushioned grip.

Hedge Size

You should first take a look around your yard before looking for a gas hedge trimmer on the internet. What do your bushes look like? How big are they? How many of them are there and how tall are the tallest ones?

If you have only a few bushes, for example, and they are low to the ground, or shoulder height or below, consider using a pair of manual hedge cutters. Both electric and gas-powered hedge trimmers are considerably more expensive, and they could be unnecessary for your lawn care work.

However, if you have a lot of hedges that are overly tall, consider buying a gas hedge trimmer with an adjustable shaft that can be extended to reach those high locations. Although this might result in a loss of cutting power, so double-check for that before you buy.

The Top 8 Gas Hedge Trimmers

There are many gas hedge trimmers accessible online today, so picking the appropriate trimmer for your needs might be difficult. To make things easier for you, we’ve therefore prepared a list of the best eight gas hedge trimmers with key features and their benefits.

#1. Husqvarna 122HD60 Dual Action Gas Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7cc Gas 23.7-in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer 9665324-02
  • The Smart Start engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort
  • A carburetor air purge system removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting
  • When the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting
  • The rear handle is adjustable to facilitate cutting the sides and top of hedges
  • Anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, reducing stress on the user's arms and hands

The Husqvarna 122HD60 Dual Action Gas Hedge Trimmer is the top rated gas hedge trimmer we have found on the market. This hedge trimmer features a long 24 inch dual action blade, so you can get a lot of trimming work done in a relatively short amount of time. The rear handle is also adjustable, so you can work around corners and at different angles, and a long cutter bar provides extra reach for those annoyingly tall hedges and branches.

It also is equipped with anti-vibration dampeners, however, which absorb vibration from the motor and reduce the stress put on the user’s hands and arms, meaning you can work for as long as the machine lasts without getting tired or needing a break. It is also a moderate 16 pounds, so it won’t be too tiresome to carry around even a large backyard.

The patented SmartStart starter and engine design – it has a carburetor air purge system that removes air from the carburetor and fuel line – helps the Husqvarna 122HD60 start with minimal effort, and when you turn it off the stop switch automatically returns to the ON position so you are immediately ready to SmartStart it again.

#2. Tanaka TCH22EBP2 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer

Tanaka TCH22EBP2 21cc 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer with 24-Inch Commercial Double-Sided Blades
  • Tanaka 21.1cc commercial grade 2-cycle engine for maximum reliability and durability
  • 5 position rear handle for maximum comfort and maneuverability
  • Forward-facing exhaust prevents burnt hedges
  • 24" commercial dual reciprocating blades. 0.3 liter fuel tank ensures long operating times between each break for refueling
  • Purge bulb and S-start technology for smooth, low-effort pull starts

The Tanaka TCH22EBP2 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer is a commercial grade gas hedge trimmer, so it will be able to handle even your toughest and most demanding jobs, and will keep your lawn and garden looking well kept for a long time. It has a 21 CC, 2-cycle engine combined with 24 inch dual reciprocating blades, so you get one of the most powerful and high quality gas hedge trimmers on the market.

The Tanaka TCH22EBP2 starts very easily; it has a purge bulb and S-start technology for a smooth pull start every time with 50% less effort required. Once it’s up and running, the .3 liter fuel tank will keep it in operation for a long time, enough to work through even a large lawn area.

It also has 5 different rear handle positions, so you as the operator have the most maneuverability and comfort. The exhaust is forward-facing, so you don’t end up with burned hedges. This is hedge trimmer is backed by a commercial warranty for 2 years and an industry-leading consumer warranty of 7 years, so you are in good hands with this model.

#3. Husqvarna 122HD45 Gas Hedge Trimmer

No products found.

The Husqvarna 122HD45 Gas Hedge Trimmer is our second Husqvarna tool on this list already. This gas hedge trimmer is just like the 122HD60 model that tops our list, but it is smaller and more lightweight. It weighs 10.4 pounds and has an 18 inch, stainless steel, dual action blade that cuts in either direction and allows your yard work to get done quicker.

If you are looking for a smaller, more compact gas hedge trimmer option, then this would be a perfectly suitable candidate. Even though it is smaller than other models here, it still packs a punch with its 21.7 CC, 2-cycle engine that will cut through many of your thickest shrubs with ease. It has both a low noise engine design and a LowVib vibration reduction body and handle, so you won’t be overwhelmed or fatigued by the noise and vibrations when you’re using it.

Just like the top ranked trimmer above, this model also has SmartStart technology that ensures you can start it in a very timely manner with minimum effort, and when you turn it off the stop switch automatically returns to the ON position, ready to start again.

#4. Poulan Pro PR2322 Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer

Poulan Pro PR2322 22-Inch 23cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer
  • Powerful 23cc 2 cycle full crank engine for maximum cutting performance
  • Durable dual-action stainless Steel blades cut up to 22" wide and limbs up to 1" in diameter
  • Rotating handle with comfort grip and advanced anti-vibration for superior comfort, reduced fatigue and maximum cutting control
  • Lightweight design at Only 11.1 lbs

The next gas hedge trimmer on our list is the Poulan Pro PR2322 Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer. This is an incredibly strong hedge trimmer – it has a 23 CC, 2-cycle full crank engine that delivers maximum cutting performances throughout its lifespan. It features durable dual action blades made from stainless steel that are 22 inches long and can cut through branches up to 1 inch thick.

Even with its powerful performance, the Poulan Pro PR2322 is primarily made for comfort. It comes equipped with a rotating handle and comfort grip, for easy maneuvering, cutting control, and position shifting, and the advanced anti-vibration technology means you won’t get fatigued and you will be comfortable while you work. It is also a very light trimmer, weighing only 11.1 pounds.

#5. XtremepowerUS 81066 Gas Powered Hedge & Shrub Trimmer

XtremepowerUS 81066 26cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Hedge 24-Inch Double-Sided Shrub Trimmer Recoil Trim Blade Clipper Saw Bushes, Red/Black
  • Commercial Grade - 26cc commercial grade 2-cycle engine for maximum reliability & durability
  • Dual-Action Blade - Dual-sided serrated blades cut swaths up to 24" wide and limbs up to 1' diameter
  • Lightweight Equipment - Lightweight design for added comfort and reduced strain & fatigue
  • Easy Starting - Equipped with powerful, easy-to-start, full-crank, 2-cycle engine for maximum cutting performance
  • Low Noise - Effective low noise engine design will not disturb you or your neighbors

The XtremepowerUS 81066 Gas Powered Hedge & Shrub Trimmer lives up to its “extreme power” moniker, as it is the most powerful gas hedge trimmer on this list. It has a strong 26 CC, 2-cycle engine that can do commercial hedge trimming work if you need it to. This engine powers a 24 inch, dual-action blade, with serrated edges on both sides and that can cut up to 1 inch thick branches and hedges.

With all of this power, the 81066 is still super quiet, however. It has an effective low noise design that will keep it from disturbing any neighbors around you while you work in your backyard. It is also decently light at only 16 pounds – for the power you’re getting you won’t find an easier or more comfortable gas hedge trimmer to use. The full-crank engine is also very easy to start.

#6. Echo HCS-2810 Short-Shafted Gas Hedge Trimmer

No products found.

The Echo HCS-2810 Short-Shafted Gas Hedge Trimmer is one of the smaller options on this list, with only 20 inches of blade length available. However, this means it is easier to operate it within tight spaces and smaller yards, so you might want to consider it if you have tricky hedge trimming jobs to perform. Even with the shorter blade, it does not lack in power, though – it boasts a 21.2 CC professional grade 2-cycle engine that will give you years of professional performance and reliability.

The Echo HCS-2810 is very light to carry around at only 10 pounds. It even has a technologically-advanced injection-molded fuel tank to ensure that it is lighter than comparable models. It also comes with a replaceable blade guard as well as a tip guard, so your blades will be maintained to the highest quality, with reduced wear and less bending and deformation of the teeth.

#7. Craftsman CMXGHAMD25HT 22-in Gas Hedge Trimmer

Craftsman CMXGHAMD25HT 25cc 22-in Hedge Trimmer - 2 Cycle Engine - Easy Start Technology, Liberty Red
  • POWERFUL AND LIGHTWEIGHT: 25cc, lightweight 2-cycle engine for ease of use. Multi-position adjustable handle for operator control and ease of use
  • EASY PULL STARTS: Easy Start technology for simpler pull starts. Additionally electric start capable that eliminates manual pull starts with an electric start drill bit (Drill Bit and Drill Sold Separately)
  • LARGE SPAN OF MOVEMENT: 135 degrees of movement to hedge at all angles. 22-in dual action blades for premium hedging
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR CONTROL: Multi-position adjustable handle for operator control and ease of use.
  • ATTACHMENT CAPABLE: Compatible with the TrimmerPlus multi yard tool system, to convert the Hedge trimmer into other lawn care products (attachments sold separately). 2 cycle oil and 2 year limited warranty.

Next on our list of the top 8 gas hedge trimmers available today is the Craftsman CMXGHAMD25HT 22-in Gas Hedge Trimmer. This trimmer is also one of the most powerful models on this list, with a 25 CC 2-cycle engine that powers 22-inch, dual action blades. This model also comes with Easy Start technology – you can do either an easy, low-effort pull start or an electric push-button start with an electric start drill bit (sold separately).

This gas hedge trimmer is fully customizable. It has a multi-position adjustable handle, which allows for full control by the operator and ease of utility. The blade can also be adjusted up to 135 degrees, in order to work on hedges and shrubs of all angles and shapes. It also boasts a 3 feet extension pole for extra reach to those high branches or far-away hedges.

#8. HUYOSEN Cordless Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer

No products found.

The HUYOSEN Cordless Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer is another very powerful and long gas hedge trimmer. It has a 25 CC, 2-cycle gasoline engine, and a blade that is 23 inches long. The blade is made of high quality steel, so it stays sharper and stronger for longer; you don’t need to worry about these blades becoming blunt after a few cuts.

This gas trimmer model comes with a shock-absorbing design that will make it super comfortable to use and to operate even for long periods of time, and you don’t have to worry about strong vibrations fatiguing your muscles. In addition to this, the D-type auxiliary and handle are ergonomic, so they can also reduce the strain of your arms and back as you work.

This is also a hedge trimmer designed with safety in mind, as well as comfort. It has two switches that both need to be opened on the handle at the same time in order for the trimmer to start, ensuring that you won’t have any mishaps or unfortunate incidents when using it. You also only need to release one of the two switches to turn it off.


There you have it – our top 8 gas hedge trimmers for 2023. So, what is the best hedge trimmer for you? It really depends on your needs and what you will be using it for. With all of the different types of hedge trimmers on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

If you want our top-rated choice, we can say the Husqvarna 122HD60 Dual Action Gas Hedge Trimmer is one that you can’t go wrong with!

We also hope this buyer’s guide has been helpful and that you are now better equipped to make an informed purchase decision when the time comes. Remember to consider your individual needs carefully before settling on a particular model – after all, the last thing you want is to be stuck with a hedge trimmer that can’t handle the job at hand.

We’ve concluded the article with a list of our 8 favorite gas hedge trimmers, based on consumer ratings and reviews. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect hedge trimmer for your home or business – hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down your choices and select your gas hedge trimmer. Thanks for reading!

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