The 10 Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers of 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

Most people are spending more time at home than ever these days, and if you’re one of them this means you probably have a lot of outdoor projects that need to be taken care of. From trimming your lawn to pruning your trees, having the right tools for the job is essential.

When it comes to keeping your garden looking neat and tidy, nothing does the job better than a hedge trimmer. They’re incredibly useful for quickly and easily tidying up your hedges, and they can also come in handy for other kinds of yardwork.

Are you looking for the best corded electric hedge trimmer to buy in 2023? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be reviewing and ranking the 10 best corded electric Hedge Trimmers on the market. We’ve got everything from top-of-the-line options to more affordable choices, so you’re sure to find the perfect model for your needs.

We’ll also be providing a handy buying guide so that you can find the perfect Hedge Trimmer for your needs. So, whether you’re a homeowner who wants to keep their lawn and garden looking tidy, or you’re a professional landscaper who needs a reliable piece of equipment, read on for our top picks!

What Are Hedge Trimmers?

Hedge Trimmers, which are also known as Shrub or Bush Trimmers, are gardening tools – manual or motorized – that can be used for trimming, cutting, or pruning hedges and shrubs. A hedge is simply a line of closely spaced shrubs, which are so close to each other that they seem to be one plant, and can be treated as such. They often form a barrier or a boundary between two fields or backyards, and can be found alongside roads or crop land.

There are multiple different types of hedge trimmers, depending on how they are powered and what you are trying to do with them.

Manual Hedge Trimmers

The first type of hedge trimmers to be invented were manual hedge trimmers. These are also called hedge shears, or hedge clippers, and they are very simple gardening tools. They have two blades attached to the end of two long handles, like a large pair of scissors, and can be used by hand without any other power required for of operation.

Tractor-Mounted Hedge Trimmers

Tractor-mounted and tractor-driven hedge trimmers are also available, although they are for very niche applications and therefore not seen often. They typically consist of a moveable arm or hydraulic boom with a huge hedge trimmer attachment at one end. They have a similar cutting mechanism to motorized hedge trimmers.

Motorized Hedge Trimmers

The third type of hedge trimmer, and the one we’ll be focusing on in this article, is an automatic or motorized hedge trimmer. These work in a similar way to electric shavers – they have oscillating blades attached to a motor, with the motor rotating the blades backwards and forwards.

The blades can be adjusted to different angles, depending on what you’re trying to do and how much pruning you need to carry out. Most corded electric trimmers are equipped with safety mechanisms that ensure they function only while both of the operator’s hands are on the handles.

Motorized hedge trimmers must be powered in order to operate, and they can be powered either by a gas-powered motor or electricity. Gasoline-powered trimmers are generally the more powerful type, but they can be heavier and more difficult to start. Electrical trimmers are lighter and have less overall power than gasoline versions. Most types are also less polluting and less noisy, but they must have an electrical connection with most models, if they don’t rechargeable batteries installed.

Cordless Vs. Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

There are two types of electric hedge trimmers – corded and cordless. As you might have guessed, a corded electric hedge trimmer operates by using electricity that it gets from a wall outlet to power the motor and the blades of the trimmer. On the other hand, cordless electric hedge trimmers are battery powered and operated, so there’s no need to plug them into a wall outlet.

Corded hedge trimmers are typically not as large or powerful as their cordless counterparts. They are also predominantly for small to medium sized gardens, due to the obvious factor of not being able to be transported farther than their cord will allow. You can easily use an extension cord, but still a large garden or field with rows of hedges might be a bit out of reach.

However, cordless hedge trimmers tend to be less simple to use than corded ones, and they have their own inherent set of problems, such as running out of battery power, or being heavier and more unwieldy to lift and carry around a large backyard.

Buying Guide – Features To Consider

In this buyer’s guide, we’ve listed some of the main factors to be aware of when you think about buying a corded electric hedge trimmer. Some of them may be more important to you, while others are superfluous, so be sure to read through these carefully so that you purchase the correct tool for your lawn and garden.

Hedge Height and Size

This is the first thing you should check when thinking of buying a corded electric hedge trimmer. Before even searching for one online, just peek out your back window and have a look around your lawn. What do your hedges look like? How big are they? How many of them are there, and how tall are the tallest ones?

For example, if you have very few hedges, and they are low to the ground or about shoulder height or below, then you might want to think about using a pair of manual hedge clippers. These are significantly less expensive than motorized hedge trimmers, be they electric or gas-powered ones.

On the other hand, if you have numerous hedges, and some of them are very tall, look into getting a hedge trimmer with an adjustable shaft that you can make longer and reach those high places. This might come with a reduction in cutting power, however, so be sure to check for that.


The first thing on a hedge trimmer to look out for is that you want to make sure you get the right motor for the work you want done. A powerful motor is required for high-quality pruning in thick hedgerows. A powerful motor may be useless when dealing with plumage or soft bushes, but an under-powered one will fail on branches. 

Always examine the amp count of a corded electric hedge trimmer before making a purchase. The normal current for a corded trimmer motor is around four amps.

However, there are electric trimmers with lower-powered motors, such as 3.5-amp models. So, if you need them for lighter duties only, they would be more than enough for their intended purpose.

To summarize, 3.5 to 4 amps is the optimum range for trimmers that perform light to medium-duty tasks. The 4.4-5 amp range is the middle one that can handle both light and medium duty operations with ease, and heavy duty jobs with a little effort. Heavy-duty corded electric hedge trimmers are those with motors that draw more than 5 amps.

Blade Length

The amount of trimming done over a specific amount of time can be measured by the blade length. Larger blades are better for extended activities, such as mowing lawns or trimming bushes and hedges.

A short blade may be preferable, however, if you only have small trimming jobs to do. Short blades are not only advantageous for keeping you out of harm’s way, but they’re also quite easy to control and maneuver.

Single-Sided Vs. Dual-Sided Blades

If you’re having trouble controlling a trimmer, you may want to go with a single-sided blade. Single-sided blades are simpler to control and maneuver, but they’re less efficient in terms of cutting.

Dual-action blades are a little more difficult to manage, but they cut far better and more efficiently, as well as vibrate significantly less.


A lighter electric hedge trimmer is a lot more manageable than a heavier one. Anyone who has difficulty using tools may require a smaller trimmer. Trimming may be strenuous over time, so select one that you can be safe using for a whole day’s worth of work. 

Durability, Vibration, and Noise

Your corded electric hedge trimmer should be constructed of sturdy materials that will last for a long. However, heavier materials imply greater weight. Also, the less vibration it causes, the less tired the user will be.

Electric trimmers are already quite quiet, although they aren’t completely silent. Some models make less noise, so you can look for those models when purchasing.

Safety Features

Being safe when using your corded trimmer is of vital importance. A guard plate should be included on every hedge trimmer you look at online, to protect you from debris striking your face.

The trimmer also has other security measures, such as a locking mechanism when the tool isn’t in use. Some hedge trimmers also have a hold button, which is used to prevent accidents from occurring if the user loses his or her grip or balance. 

Vertical Vs. Horizontal Cutting

Trimmers with a contoured or cushioned grip will help you avoid wrist and hand problems when using it for an extended amount of time. A rotary handle with an adjustable, pivoting end is ideal for people who make frequent switch cuts between vertical and horizontal.

A versatile handle is important if you are trying to cut vertical edges as well as horizontal edges. Although it may seem easy to switch between the two, it requires a bit more dexterity and strength than you might think, so if you have to do it often you’ll be thankful to get a switchable handle and grip.


The cost is always one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing what product to buy, and this is no different in the case of cordless or corded hedge trimmers. However, because there are other very significant factors to consider when buying a corded electric trimmer, it’s worth paying more for something that will go the distance and be the right product for you.

Sharpening Hedge Trimmer Blades

When the blades of your corded electric hedge trimmer become blunt, any task takes longer to finish. Instead of the stems being cut clean through, they are crushed and beaten, enhancing the likelihood of disease in your hedges. Every time you use your trimmer, the blades become dull, but you don’t have to buy a new electric hedge trimmer or have the blades sharpened by a professional. You can sharpen them yourself.

First, turn off and unplug your electric trimmer. Then, take the blades out of the trimmer and thoroughly secure them in a vice grip. Using a metal filer, slide it down the length of your blade. To get a defined edge, start at the inner or bottom region of the blade component and file until you reach the tip. Sharpen it on a 35-degree to 40-degree angle several times.

However, the flat edge of the blades should not be filed. Also, before you reassemble the blades onto the trimmer, oil them with a few drops of linseed oil on both sides. This will prevent them from oxidizing.

Reviewed – The Top 10 Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

You should at this point have a good idea of what makes for an effective trimmer. But how do you go about sorting through the various models out there? Well, it’s clear that not all trimmers are created equal. And some really stand out from their competitors in terms of features and functionality.

The following corded electric hedge trimmers have been identified as being the best of the bunch and we’ve ranked them in order. They’re all high quality and versatile, with a variety of features to offer, so it’s just a case of comparing them and seeing which one is most suited to your needs.

#1. BLACK+DECKER HH2455 Dual Blade Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer, Rotating Handle, Dual Blade Action Blades, 3.3-Amp, 24-Inch (HH2455)
  • 24 inch precision ground dual-action blade of the electric edge trimmer allows users to cut through overgrowth with 40% less vibration than single action blades.
  • Hardened steel shearing blades cut branches up to 3/4 inch thick
  • Rear handle of trimmers for plants rotates 180 degrees for ideal hand position when trimming vertically or horizontally.
  • Extended reach design and powerful motor ideal for various trimming tasks
  • Built-in cord retainer keeps the extension in place and plugged in for uninterrupted use.

The BLACK+DECKER HH2455 Dual Blade Hedge Trimmer is the top corded electric hedge trimmer on our list, as well as many other lists. Black + Decker as a brand has 4 hedge trimmers on this list, and that is simply because it produces the best electric power tools for your home and garden, and this one is the cream of the crop. It boasts a 24 inch precision ground dual-action blade that allows users to cut through overgrowth and tough hedgerows with 40% less vibration than single action blades.

The shearing blades it has are made of hardened steel, and can cut branches up to 3/4 inch thick. The rear handle on this trimmer rotates a full 180 degrees, so you have ideal hand placement when you’re cutting both horizontally and vertically. It also has an extended reach design that reaches high hedges without losing any power to the motor, so there are no more hard-to-reach and hard-to-cut branches.

The built-in cord retainer and the lock-on switch keep the extension in place and connected, while the lock-off switch protects against unintentional start up and stop.

#2. Greenworks 22122 Dual-Action Corded Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks 4 Amp 22" Corded Electric Dual-Action Hedge Trimmer
  • 4 Amp Electric Motor gets the job done efficiently
  • 22 Inch dual action steel blade for optimal performance and maneuvering
  • 5/8 Inch cutting capacity for controlled, easy trimming of most bushes and hedges
  • Innovative rotating rear handle makes it easy to trim at multiple angles
  • Convenient cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging

The Greenworks 22122 Dual-Action Corded Hedge Trimmer is the next best corded electric hedge trimmer on our list. It is an incredibly versatile power tool that comes with a nearly unbeatable price point. It has a powerful 4 amp motor that powers the 22 inch dual action steel blade, for optimal performance, strength, and trimming capability.

It has also a high level of maneuverability that is second to none, and can trim your hedges at multiple angles, both vertical and horizontal, thanks to its innovative rotating rear handle. The convenient and safe cord locking system prevents any accidental unplugging and keeps you powered in at all times.

#3. CRAFTSMAN CMEHTS822 Electric Hedge Trimmer

CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer, 22-Inch, Corded (CMEHTS822)
  • 4. 0 amp motor tackle tough trimming tasks
  • 22inches Dual-action blade up to 3/4inches Cut capacity
  • Power saw innovation cut up to 1 1/2inches Thick branches
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty, refer to "Warranty & Support" section below for full details

The CRAFTSMAN CMEHTS822 Electric Hedge Trimmer is the best corded electric hedge trimmer from Craftsman, another highly-reviewed and trusted brand that has provided quality power tools for nearly 100 years. This model also has a 4 amp motor, and 22 inch dual action trimming blades that can cut through branches 3/4 of an inch thick. That’s not the highest power output it can generate, however. With Craftsman’s patented and innovative Power Saw design, you can saw through branches up to 1 1/2 inches thick with ease.

Built with your comfort and ease-of-use in mind, this corded hedge trimmer has a very low amount of vibration, and the full bale handle and shield guard provide both full maneuverability and safety.

#4. GARCARE 2 in 1 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

GARCARE 2 in 1 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer, Power Hedge Trimmer with 20 inch Dual-Action Laser Cut & Adjustable Cutting Head, 4.8Amp, 600W, Corded
  • 【2 in 1 TELESCOPING POLE】This long reach hedge trimmer is equipped with a detachable telescopic pole, which can be used as a tool for pruning shrubs daily, or as a long reach hedge trimmer, with a length of 9 feet and a working height of up to 12 feet. The shrub trimmer can help you trim a higher Length of trees.
  • 【POWERFUL CUTTING PERFORMANCE】Combining a powerful 4.8A motor with a 20-inch laser SK5 metal cutting blade, the bush trimmer can handle 3/4-inch thick branches, saving you time to remove stuck leaves and branches.
  • 【SECURITY SYSTEM】In order to avoid accidents during work, we have designed a double safety start button. Only when the two switches are pressed, the power hedge trimmers can be started, making the two-hand operation safer.
  • 【HUMANIZED DESIGN】For more convenient trimming, the front handle of this edge trimmer can be rotated around 5 angles of -90°, -45°, 0°, 45°, 90°, and a rotatable 100°cutting head of the garden trimmers is also provided, You can enjoy precise cutting.
  • 【COMFORTABLE WORK】The soft auxiliary handle and the shoulder strap can help you work longer, 10 meters long electric wire can make it reach every place, no additional extension required, making your pruning work easy and convenient.

The GARCARE 2 in 1 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer is a powerful and versatile hedge trimming tool. This corded electric hedge trimmer combines a strong 4.8A motor with a 20-inch laser SK5 metal cutting blade to tackle 3/4-inch thick branches, saving you time spent removing stuck leaves and branches.

The 9’ pole hedge trimmer features a detachable telescopic tube that may be used as a small shrub pruner on a daily basis, or as a long reach hedge trimmer with a length of 9 feet and a working height of up to 12 feet.

For easy trimming, the front handle of this trimmer may be switched to 5 different positions, including -90°, -45°, 0°, 45°, and 90°. Garcare have also created a double safety start button to avoid mishaps while working. The power hedge trimmers can only be switched on when both switches are simultaneously pressed, making two-handed operation safer.

#5. BLACK+DECKER HT22 Hedge Trimmer

Black & Decker HT22 Hedge Trimmer, 22-Inch
  • Powerful 4.0-amp motor for superior cutting performance
  • 22-inch dual-action blades cut branches faster and easier with 40-percent less vibration
  • For cuting branches up to 3 by 4-inch diameter
  • Pre-hardened, rust resistant steel blades stay sharp longer
  • Ideal for trimming of formal hedges and shrubs of all configuations

Next on our list of the best corded electric hedge trimmers is the BLACK+DECKER HT22 Hedge Trimmer. This hedge trimmer comes equipped with pre-hardened, rust resistant steel blades that stay sharp for a longer period of time. They will therefore be more durable and effective for longer, and you don’t have to sharpen them as much as other blades. The sharp steel blades can cut up to 3/4 inch thick branches, while simultaneously producing 40% less vibration than comparable models.

The HT22 has 22 inch dual action blades, so your hedges will be trimmed faster and easier, leaving you more time to do other things you love around your home and garden.

#6. Earthwise CVPH43018 Convertible Pole Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded 4.5 Amp 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Hedge Trimmer,Grey
  • Earthwise Power Tools by ALM 2-In-1 electric hedge trimmer and pole hedge trimmer that gives you maximum reach of up to 8'8"
  • 5-position adjustable trimming head angle from -20 to 80 degrees
  • Power shrub trimmers with 18" cutting blade for quick and clean cuts
  • Corded hedge trimmer includes protective blade cover for easy storage and shoulder support strap for comfortable operation
  • Ideal for maintaining and beautifying tall or short hedges and shrubs

The Earthwise CVPH43018 Convertible Pole Hedge Trimmer is a great and unique, 2-in-1 tool that will allow you to do many different tasks with one corded electric hedge trimmer. This is an excellent corded hedge trimmer that can be used in two modes: as a basic hedge trimmer for branches that you may readily touch, but it transforms itself into a pole hedge trimmer when you need to reach for something outside of your reach.

If you look at it just as a pole trimmer, this is an excellent device in its own right. It comes with an 18″ long blade, which is a little shorter than most pole trimmers – and they’re made this way for the sake of efficiency, as the smaller blade ensures accuracy in your hedge cutting. It’s difficult and inconvenient to use a pole trimmer with a blade extending as a standard trimmer, since they’re tough to handle at that height.

You may adjust the head into one of six different postures, ranging from -20 to 60 degrees, giving you greater control over how you trim and allowing you to cut more swiftly in difficult-to-access areas. This trimmer’s maximum length from tip to tip is 8’8,” which is more than adequate for most applications.

#7. BLACK+DECKER BEHT150 Electric Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER Electric Hedge Trimmer, 17-Inch (BEHT150)
  • The electric edge trimmer features 17-inch dual-action hardened steel blade for reduced vibration while trimming (Compared to BLACK+DECKER single-action blade models)
  • 3.2 amp motor for trimming branches up to 5/8 inch
  • Lightweight, compact design of the trimmers for plants is easy to use with less fatigue
  • Cord retention prevents accidental unplugging. Cutting Strokes/Min-3800
  • Built-in T-handle and full-length trigger for control while cutting

The third Black + Decker corded electric hedge trimmer on our list, the BLACK+DECKER BEHT150 Electric Hedge Trimmer is no less impressive than the last two. It has a 17 inch dual action blade system, producing less vibrations throughout its use, so your arms don’t get tired while out in the garden all day.

It has a slightly smaller, 3.2 amp motor, and can cut branches about 5/8 inch thick, so it is best used for small to medium sized hedges and backyards. The built-in T-handle and full-length trigger give you maximum control while trimming, and it has cord retention to eliminate any accidental unplugging, and its lightweight and compact design mean you can carry it around unwieldy hedges and shrubs with less fatigue on your back and arms.

#8. Toro 51490 Corded Hedge Trimmer

Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer
  • Corded hedge trimmer with a powerful 4 amp motor
  • 22-inch-long cutting bar; hardened steel blades
  • Easily cuts through branches up to 9/16-inch thick
  • Dual-action cutting system reduces vibration; cord-lock system
  • Measures 8 by 8 by 36 inches; 2-year warranty

The Toro 51490 Corded Hedge Trimmer is another great option for those looking for a corded electric hedge trimmer on a budget. It has all of the needed specifications – a powerful 4 amp motor, 22 inch dual action cutting blades made from hardened steel, the ability to cut through branches up to 9/16 inch thick – and it does it all at a much lower price.

It also has work grip handles for reduced fatigue, and a cord locking retention system, so you won’t accidentally pull out the plug while in the middle of trimming your hedges.

#9. Earthwise CVPH41018 Corded Electric Pole/Handheld Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise CVPH41018 18-Inch 2.8-Amp Corded Electric 2-in-1 Pole/Handheld Hedge Trimmer
  • Two tools in one: hedge trimmer and pole hedge trimmer
  • 18" blade length ength with 3/4″ maximum cutting width
  • 150-degree / 6-position rotating head
  • Lightweight fiberglass pole
  • Blade cover and aluminum blade support

The Earthwise CVPH41018 Corded Electric Pole/Handheld Hedge Trimmer is another 2-in-1 option for those who are looking for a high performing and high reaching corded electric hedge trimmer. It has an 18 inch dual action trimming blade, and can cut through hedge branches up to 3/4 inch in thickness.

It also boasts a 150 degree rotating head that can be set in 6 positions, as well as a lightweight fiberglass pole so you don’t have to worry fatigue when about lifting this tool up to its highest peaks. This handy model is ideal for the do-it-yourselfer because it combines two tools in one.

#10. BLACK+DECKER BEHT350FF Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER BEHT350FF 22" Electric Hedge Trimmer
  • 22 IN. DUAL-ACTION BLADE – Delivers less vibration than single-action blades for trimming hedges, shrubs, and bushes.
  • 4.0 AMP MOTOR – Supplies the ideal amount of power to trim branches up to 3/4 in. thick.
  • FULL WRAPAROUND FRONT HANDLE – Provides a comfortable, secure grip and reliable cutting control.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT – Easy to maneuver and reduces muscle fatigue.
  • CORDED – Corded design offers unlimited runtime for even the biggest jobs.

The BLACK+DECKER BEHT350FF Hedge Trimmer is another solid option for all of your lawn manicuring needs. The 4.0 amp motor provides strength and power, and the solid, 22″ hard steel blades are ideal for the majority of hedges, but won’t reach the highest locations without some stretching. Therefore, this hedge trimming tool is better suited to those with bushes and small hedges in their lawn, making it an excellent choice for a shed. 

The handle is well-designed and provides a solid front grip when wielding the blades around. This is light enough for most individuals to carry up and down a hedge with ease, weighing only 6.5 pounds. The cord retention design provides much better mobility throughout a large yard, with no accidental unplugging when connected to an extension cable, which is a common problem with corded trimmers.

Unfortunately, there is no locking mechanism on the tool, so you must be careful while using it. The safety barrier, on the other hand, is firmly placed and will protect you from ricocheting debris.

Final Thoughts

When you’re shopping for a hedge trimmer, there are many different features to consider. Our buying guide has gone into detail about why you should take the weight, power, and motor of the tool into account before getting one, as well as the number, sizes, and lengths of your hedges that need trimming.

With so many different hedge trimmers on the market, it can be difficult to choose one that will work best for your needs. We have reviewed what we believe are the ten best corded electric hedge trimmers of 2023 and hope our analysis has helped you narrow down which product is right for you. Our top recommendation is the BLACK+DECKER HH2455 Dual Blade Hedge Trimmer, and we’ve gone into detail about why.

If not, feel free to contact us-our team would love nothing more than to help find a way to get your hedges looking their absolute best this season! Have any questions about purchasing one of these tools? Contact us today and let’s talk over some options together. Happy trimming!

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