The 5 Best High Phosphorus Fertilizers

Most homeowners want to have a lush, green lawn and garden that looks great all year long. When it comes to gardening, making sure your plants get the right kind of nutrients is essential for success.

A big part of achieving this is using the right kind of fertilizer. Phosphorus is one of the main ingredients in most commercial fertilizers, and it’s important for healthy plant growth. In this post, we’ll show you how phosphorus works to benefit soil and plants, and give you a rundown of the best high phosphorus fertilizers on the market today. So read on to learn more!

What is Fertilizer and How Does It Work?

A fertilizer is any substance that is added to ground soil or plant tissue that can give plants nourishment and help them grow and remain healthy. There are several distinct sorts of fertilizer, and they’re used in a variety of settings to feed your lawn and garden with essential minerals and allow your plants to thrive.

Fertilizers promote plant growth by giving nutrients to the plants that they require and can utilize to grow. In the past, fertilizer consisted almost entirely of organic ingredients such as animal manure, compost, mined minerals, and unused agricultural crop rotations. Inorganic fertilizers have become popular in the last several centuries, and these fertilizers contain primarily the main macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Calcium, magnesium, and sulfur are considered the three secondary macronutrients, and there are many micronutrients including copper, iron, manganese, zinc, and boron.

NPK Ratio of Macronutrients

The best fertilizers, and all synthetically created fertilizers, typically have a high amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which is written on the container as NPK. It is primarily listed as a ratio of three numbers, so a 10-5-8 NPK ratio will mean a fertilizer that includes 10% nitrogen, 5% phosphorus, and 8% potassium.

All three of these primary macronutrients, as they’re called, have a specific purpose that helps grass and plants grow, stay healthy, and thrive.


Nitrogen is a macronutrient that is required for leaves and petals to develop and grow to their full potential, and it gives plants and grass their dark green color.


Phosphorus, often known and seen as phosphate, is an essential element in the growth of roots, flowers, seeds, and fruit. It’s required for plant development at every stage.


Potassium, also labelled as Potash, is a macronutrient in fertilizer that aids in the production and growth of plant stems and roots, in the proper quantities and balance. It also helps with water circulation in grasses and vegetables, and it promotes flowering and fruit development in plants.

How And Why To Use High Phosphorus Fertilizer

Regardless of whether you’re using synthetic or organic fertilizer, you’ll need to give your plants phosphorus. Plants require phosphorus in order to convert other nutrients into the building blocks that they can utilize to create new cells and spur growth, as well as to form healthy roots and shoots.

Plants cannot develop properly when there is a lack of phosphorus, and they may manifest symptoms of being deficient in phosphorus.

Some of these symptoms are slow stem and leaf growth, dull and yellow leaves, fewer flowers and petals, and potentially a purple hue on some leaves and stems.

Fertilizers that are enriched with phosphorus are made to combat these symptoms and the general lack of cell growth and plant development that comes with low levels of phosphorus. A phosphorus fertilizer is usually used to produce a lush garden, both indoors and outside, with lots of flowers, leaves, and fruits.

The Top 5 High Phosphorus Fertilizers

We have looked for the top phosphorus-enriched fertilizers, and have listed out the five best products we’ve found.

#1. Elixir Gardens Triple Super Phosphate Granular Fertilizer

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The Elixir Gardens Triple Super Phosphate Granular Fertilizer is a highly rated and high-quality granular phosphorus fertilizer that can be used throughout the growing season. You can spread it in granular form or spray it as a liquid on any plants that fruit or flower, or those that are deficient in phosphorus, at any stage in their life.

This fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 0 – 46 – 0, so it is very powerful and boasts tons of phosphate strength, which will cause your plants to grow vigorously from their roots up to their flowers.

However, you should take care not to apply too much, or apply it too early or too late, because too much phosphorus can reduce the amount of other vital nutrients the plants are able to absorb from the soil.

#2. Down to Earth Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer

Down to Earth Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer 3-15-0, 5 lb
  • Down to Earth Bone Meal is a five pound box of all natural fertilizer with 3-15-0 formula and is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production
  • A wonderful source of readily available phosphorous and calcium for flowering plants, trees and ornamentals and is also recognized as the ideal organic fertilizer when planting bulbs
  • A quintessential, traditional organic fertilizer that promotes strong root development and enhances early season growth and helps plants take to new soil by boosting root development
  • Strong root development means plants will grow faster and be healthier because they can absorb more water and nutrients from the soil
  • As one of the three big nutrients for plants, phosphorous plays a role in both root and bloom development, which helps produce high-quality fruit and flowers

Next is the Down to Earth Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer. Bone meal is a great organic fertilizer that is super high in phosphorus, as well as calcium, which acts as an additional soil amendment. This is a high quality and purely organic brand of Bone Meal fertilizer according to the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), is environmentally friendly, and does not have any additives.

This Down to Earth fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 3 – 15 – 0, so it is also relatively high in nitrogen, for green, lush lawns and plant leaves. It also has calcium for more essential vitamins and minerals. You can use this quintessential, traditional organic fertilizer in any situation where a boost of phosphorus is needed for root development or an early season growing boost, on any plants, including trees, shrubs, and flowering and fruiting plants.

#3. Westland GF6279 Superphosphate Fertilizer

The Westland GF6279 Superphosphate Fertilizer is a great fertilizer option for fruit ripening and development. This ready to use feed is ideal for feeding all types of plants, like vegetables, flowers, shrubs, as well as trees. It is fast acting and will lead to more abundant and more delicious crops.

It has a 0 – 17 – 5 NPK ratio, so it is also high in potassium, which is a great addition for extra root and tuber development in crops like potatoes, and more water circulation in the roots and soil nearby. You can apply this fertilizer every 4-6 weeks, from early March through to the end of August.

#4. Monopotassium Phosphate 0-52-34 Fertilizer

Greenway Biotech Monopotassium Phosphate Fertilizer 0-52-34 - 100% Water Soluble Hydroponics for Root Strength - Increase yield and Blooming - High Purity Plant Nutrient Formula - 2 Pounds
  • High Phosphorous Content (52%): Our Monopotassium Phosphate Fertilizer boasts an impressive 52% phosphorous content, making it a powerhouse when it comes to stimulating robust root development, stronger stems, and bountiful flowering.
  • Enhanced Blooming and Flowering: Say goodbye to lackluster blooms! This fertilizer is designed to encourage abundant flower production and extend the flowering season, resulting in more vibrant and captivating blossoms.
  • Water-Soluble Formula: Achieve precise and efficient nutrient delivery with our water-soluble fertilizer. It dissolves quickly and completely in water, ensuring that your plants receive the essential nutrients they need for optimal growth.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you're growing plants in soil, coco coir, or utilizing a hydroponic system, our Monopotassium Phosphate Fertilizer is versatile and compatible with various cultivation methods. It's the go-to choice for both amateur gardeners and experienced horticulturists.
  • Balanced Nutrition: This fertilizer provides a balanced supply of potassium and phosphorous, two crucial elements for plant development. It helps maintain proper ion balance in your plants, promoting overall health and resilience.

The Monopotassium Phosphate 0-52-34 Fertilizer is a highly concentrated fertilizer that will provide all of the phosphorus and potassium your plants and lawn could need.

Sold by Greenway Biotech, this fertilizer comes in a 2 pound bag, and it can be 100% dissolved in water, so you can spray it over your crops in whatever solution concentration you would like. It will help with root building and strengthening, and help your plants bud and bloom.

#5. Jacks Classic No. 4 Blossom Booster Fertilizer

Jack's Classic 10-30-20 Blossom Booster Water-Soluble Fertilizer with Micronutrients for Increasing Color and Quantity of Blooms in Flowering Plants, 4lbs
  • 10-30-20 Analysis - Great for producing brighter, more plentiful flowers in flowering plants.
  • Many Ways to Feed - Blossom Booster can be used as a foliar or root feeding product. Great for spraying directly onto leaves, roots, or when used in a continuous feed system.
  • Water-Soluble Powder – Powdered concentrates go further than liquid fertilizers. Simply mix your measured powder with water and you are ready to feed with multiple gallons of liquid fertilizer!
  • Included Measuring Spoon – All Jack’s Classic fertilizers come with a convenient spoon to create the right amount of liquid fertilizer for your plants.
  • Micronutrients - Added micronutrients supply your plant with the nutrition it needs for optimal growth and health. Unlike other fertilizers, additional feeding is not required.

The Jacks Classic No. 4 Blossom Booster Fertilizer is a professionally designed fertilizer formula that will produce more flowers and brighter colors on all of your plants, both indoors and outdoors. It has a 10 – 30 – 20 NPK ratio, so it is the only fertilizer on this list that has all of the necessary macronutrients for your plants.

In addition to the high levels of phosphorus, the high nitrogen content will help your plants and grass grow green and thick, and the potassium will create strong roots so they are better equipped to survive droughts and disease.

In Conclusion

Fertilizers are a key part of any successful gardening regimen, and fertilizers that are high in phosphorus are an important tool for gardeners looking to get the most out of their plants. They help plants to grow healthy and strong, and they can improve the quality and yield of crops.

By understanding what fertilizer is, how it works, and the NPK ratio of different nutrients, gardeners can better select the right fertilizer for their needs. If your needs are for a high amount of phosphate, our most highly recommended phosphorus fertilizer is the Elixir Gardens Triple Super Phosphate Granular Fertilizer.

In addition, by knowing which phosphorus-rich fertilizers are available on the market, gardeners can ensure they are getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to boosting plant growth. We hope you have found this article helpful in selecting the best fertilizer for your needs!

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